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Hi there! 👋

My name is Wen Ting Wang, but just call me Ting.

I'm a software engineer based in London, UK. Currently, I'm working at Made Tech helping to build services for the public sector and making Ting puns.

A bit about me

After accidentally discovering a passion for programming during A-Levels, I embarked on a journey to learn more about software engineering - getting a degree in Computer Science and eventually joining the Made Tech Academy programme in 2019 where I learnt about things like Clean Architecture, test-driven development (TDD), etc.

Now I'm a Software Engineer 2 at the company, building software that makes our clients and users happy, using a silly sense of humour and Agile practices and techniques such as continuous delivery, TDD and pair (or 🍐) programming. Oh, and I may or may not have had a phase where I made some "paintings" (emphasis on the "pain" and "ting") using Microsoft Paint. It's related to creating amazing software, I promise!

Anyway, technologies I'm currently working with include:

Serverless Framework

Latest paintings

A charcter biography of Emperor King Yusuf. Age is 786. Height is 7.3 bananas. Random facts include: they own the world; they love sleeping; they wear a cape in the hopes of being able to fly; they get bullied by Tingker Bell.

Emperor King Yusuf

Emperor King Yusuf
4 panel comic. In the top left panel, it's dated 8th July 2021 at 14:02 and Emperor King Yusuf is pondering and Tingker Bell has a straight face. Emperor King Yusuf asks 'I was thinking about this in the morning, but are you low key emo?'. In the top right panel, it's dated 4th August 2020 at 12:47 and Emperor King Yusuf with a small smile is thinking. Emperor King Yusuf asks 'If I call you fattie, will you be offended?' and Tingker Bell replies with a big smile. In the bottom left panel, it's dated 19th August 2020 at 13:55 and Emperor King Yusuf has their arms up in shock saying 'You have friends? Awww.' Tingker Bell shrugs back with a smile. In the bottom right panel, it's dated 9th October 2020 at 08:57 and Emperor King Yusuf has their famous smirk on and says 'Physically 12, mentally 12 but actually 23.'. Tingker Bell smiles whilst reaching out to Emperor King Yusuf like a child.

Quoting Emperor King Yusuf

Emperor King YusufTingker Bell
A charcter biography of Repeat Ting. Age is 555. Height is 3.69 bananas. Random facts include: they're Interrogate Ting's arch-enemy; their favourite song is Repeat Until Death by Novo Amor; in secondary school, they won a dance competition which earnt them a £30 gift voucher for the cinema; their favourite song is Repeat Until Death by Novo Amor.

Repeat Ting

Repeat Ting
4 panel comic. In the top left panel, Repeat Ting and Tingker Bell are standing. Tingker Bell greets Repeat Ting with a wave, saying 'Hey Repeat Ting!' and Repeat Ting replies with 'Hey Repeat Ting'. In the top right panel, Tingker Bell angrily tells Repeat Ting to stop it but Repeat Ting replies with 'Stop it!'. In the bottom left panel, Tingker Bell smiles and says 'I'm going to get Assassinate Ting'. In the bottom right panel, Repeat Ting at the forefront with cat ears and whiskers is scared whilst Tingker Bell smiles in the background.

Stop it

Repeat TingTingker Bell
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Wen Ting Wang

Let's develop Tings together.